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Boetie Conseil : Audit Compliance, Training and Consulting on financial matters

Boetie Conseil realize:

Audit Our assistance on Fatca and OECD

Our assistance on Fatca and OECD


  • Implementation of FATCA or Qualified Intermediary procedures

  • White-hot audit processes. Control and reorganization. Writing job descriptions and FATCA and QI procedures.
  • Obtain your GIIN
  • Calculate and send your annual reporting
  • Documentate your customers
  • Just look at the website www.FATCA.FR …
we have created 8 modules to assist you on Fatca, for more details just clic here…
  • And much more in the securities management in a Back-Office

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Audit Our seminars on Fatca and Qualified Intermediary

Our seminars on Fatca and Qualified Intermediary

  • Seminars mainly on financial and stock market subjets

In all our activities , we have a pragmatic approach based on your needs and of your daily practice

Audit Our assistance on Fatca



Training by Boetie Conseil


  • Qualified Intermediary
  • IFU (Imprimé Fiscal Unique)
  • IGA 1,2 Reciprocal…
  • Corporate Action
  • Tax Recoveries
  • PEA (Plan d’Epargne en Actions)…
Audit Our assistance on Fatca

Our assistance on Fatca

Trainnings tailor made

  • Audit and Consultant :

  • Taxation ( Optimization for custodians and process)
  • Optimisation of the withholding tax with pool of tax
  • Compliance ( FATCA and Qualified Intermediary )
  • Optimizing and Securing Corporate Actions with our sofware International corporate action
  • Optimize all Back-Office processes, customers taxation and reduce risk on corporate action
  • Obtain tax recoveries on dividends …

Our editorials on the latest tax issues are in the « News » section (In french only)

  • Computer engineering activity:

Automatisations to preserv data integrity

« Don’t wait future, prepare it »


Last year, traffic on our site increased by 138 % to exceed 28,000 visitors …

Audit Our seminars on Fatca and Qualified Intermediary

Our seminars on Fatca and Qualified Intermediary  

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