We Get Your GIIN For You and more

We get your GIIN

Boetie Conseil can train you with to the requirements of Fatca but also to realize for you all or part of its implementation, first of all

Obtaining your GIIN Fatca (Global Intermediary Identification Number)
Getting your GIIN Fatca:

We Get your GIIN

We Get your GIIN

A bank or insurance company must put together a file to mount at the IRS that it has the human and material means to be compliant Fatca. If the US tax authorities accept the file, the bank or insurance as FFI wishing to comply with Fatca obtains a tax number called GIIN for Global Intermediary Identification Number.

This issue will allow you to be recognized as wishing to be compliant Fatca with your colleagues with whom you are in business and avoid the risk of a punitive fine of 30% from them. (Fine paid to the IRS)
We Get your GIIN

Segregate Customers

You need:
  • Set the exact status of FFI (Sponsored, Lead …)
  • Have access to secure computerized systems to perform these operations
  • Designate 2 Fatca managers in your company
We Get your GIIN
Boetie Conseil carries out these operations for you.
After study the IRS assigns you a GIIN number

Once you have obtained this number you can finally justify your willingness to be Fatca compliant with your colleagues and correspondents and continue to carry out your operations without blocking or fearing a 30% confiscatory fine.

We provide you with and fill in the special IRS tax documents as they will have to be communicated to your colleagues and counterparties to justify your compliance.
We Get your GIIN

Fill your W

We can realize for you all these operations, but also all the others:

Our interventions are done on estimate and are tailor-made to answer your particular and specific needs. All our consultants speak English and are subject to a confidentiality clause. We intervene in France of course but also in the whole world.
Registration of an FFI