They Trust in Boetie Conseil Company

They trust in Boetie Conseil

Actuality of our subjects and quality of our stakeholders led international financial institutions to take advantage of our training seminars. Some bankers have even traveled from abroad to attend our seminars. (even if we practise in all europe)

All is included: documentation, copy, of the powerpoints, lunch at Direction Club, coffee break. Begining to 3 persons, you obtain a rebate.

Don’t hesitate to call us for an estimate

All our staff is english fluent and the training and powerpoint can be in english

Payment before the session

They trust in us because Boetie Council enables you with the best training and seminars to remain the most efficient and effective response to the continuing evolution of our economic and regulatory environment.

Training is the most profitable investment for a company

« Future is not expected, it is preparing « Seneca »

Some of our Customers
They trust in Boetie Conseil

They trust in Boetie Conseil

Banque de France


Cortal Consors


BFGI Bank Gabon

BGFI Bank Paris


Crédit Suisse

Blom Bank France


BNP Personal Investors

Crédit agricole

Crédit agricole Suisse


Crédit agricole Luxembourg Private Bank


Bourse Direct

Citi Citibank


Crédit MutuelThey trust in Boetie Conseil


CM-CIC Titres

UBS France

UBS Suisse

Crédit Suisse Suisse

Crédit Suisse France



Société Générale Luxembourg