Set up fatca whatever your country

Boetie Conseil have 2 solutions:
1  Become a recognized Fatca and Qualified Intermediary Compliance Officer
set up fatca whatever your country

set up fatca whatever your country

Set up fatca whatever your country

Whether you are in Fatca basic in IGA 1 or 2 Reciprocal or not, in any case we can assist you with  » set up fatca whatever your country »
We have designed an intensive one-week training course that combines theory and practice to help you quickly set the right choices for you.

This seminar is sanctioned by the presentation of a certificate of suitability for the Compliance Officer job attesting to training with the IRS and the serious commitment of the financial institution to respect the Fatca.

All your specific practical difficulties will be studied, numerous quizzes and concrete examples will be given.

Training and documentation can be in english as in french if you whish

set up fatca whatever your country

Uncle Sam

Each step will be described from A to Z to get you Fatca compliant

•We solve your GIIN problems (suspension, lost, uncorrect…) your Certifications difficulties, declaration,calculation and filling of your reportings and all Fatca question.

Materially realize your GIIN application with the IRS
• Document your accounts
• Search for indices of americaneity
• Calculate aggregation in reporting
• Being authorized to report by the IRS
• Carry out annual reporting to the IRS
• IT solutions …

  • Reorganization of processes, services
    • Procedural books, training of personnel
    You will see the effects of Fatca on a daily basis in the relations with your customers, your compliant colleagues or not, cross-border problems
    How to write new account openings, interbank contracts, waivers …
    • Products concerned or not are in scope of « set up fatca whatever your country »
    • Activities subject totally / partially or out of scope
    Its purpose is to answer all your theoretical and practical questions (Calculate the Passthru payment, what the EUSD, an FDAP, the new US connection indices …) the impact on your different branches
    The latest IRS notices will be studied as well as the latest news (EU OECD)

Become  Compliance Officer Fatca et Qualified Intermediary is particularly suitable for:
• -Directors General
• International Fiscalists
• Compliance Officer
• Point of Contact
• Audits

His mind

Fatca gives the technical bases to master the FFI or NFFE system and FATCA. It answers the questions and practical problems generated by its implementation and its daily application. Boetie Conseil is at the forefront of this theme and possesses besides WWW.FATCA.FR

With « set up fatca whatever your country » The organizational choices in your structure as well as their consequences as regards tax, work volume or level of risk will also be addressed.
This week is realized in the center of Paris with lunchs in restaurant

. The documentation is provided and lunch is provided in the management club. Breakfast and coffee breaks are also included.

We can also provide this seminar on your premises

For your stay in France we can also assist you for the practicalities
For any question, registration or additional information, do not hesitate to contact us

33 6 86 18 27 77, or send an email to:

The Speaker:

As an international tax specialist for HSBC, he set up the Qualified Intermediary procedures at a large French stock exchange company when they first appeared and coordinated them with the parent company. Correspondent for the company with the IRS. Interlocutor of the IRS auditors during on-the-spot checks.

Quotation: contact us according to the place and the number of people

On 5 days = 35 hours of training
Detailed program on request

33 6 86 18 27 77


2  We can also as consultant realize for you all or part of the Fatca obligations:
  • Obtain for you your GIIN,or
  • Write your process books,
  • Determine for each customer category the documentation needs
  • Create a database to process the Persons US or Indicias
  • Calculate and send your annual reporting to IRS

Just to ask for an estimate. Boetie Conseil do it allready in Europ and Africa

set up fatca whatever your country

The Facts on Fatca

You can too have a mix of our 2 solutions

All of us are english fluent

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