Boetie Conseil Identify and document your customers US Person

The first step of a bank or insurance company to comply with legal standards Fatca is to segregate its customers following very specific principles and document theses accounts:

Identify and document your customers US Person

Compliance Fatca

Identify and document your customers US Person


Identify and Document the US Person


Pre-existing or new account
Low value or important
Identify if the assets on the account are reportable or out of scope Fatca


According to the client

Segregate and Categorize customers …
Determine if the customer is a US person

Identify and document your customers US Person

Documentation Fatca

Identify and Document your US Person Clients

Or if he has any signs of Americanness
Determine nationality and withholding rate on US securities
For ALL customers, whatever they are, to document each file with the justifying documents requested by the American tax office for its particular category
Follow the proxies, changes of identity, address
Renew outdated forms

Identifying and Documenting Your Customers US Person is essential for reporting

Detect non-compliant FFIs
Follow regulations to collect fines from non-compliant customers and calculate annual reporting
Identify and document your customers US Person

For all this, we can of course train your teams, but we can also do it for you or even check that your segregation and your documentation following the Facta compliance rules. All our solutions are tailor-made and adapted to your particular needs. All our staff speak English and are subject to a confidentiality clause.

We work on Paris, of course, but also on the whole world.
We can also write your Fatca procedure manuals and job descriptions.
For all this, and much more, do not hesitate to contact us and to request a quote or call us on 06 86 18 27 77 ours solutions are tailor made
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